What Is Your Home Worth?


What Is The Home Value of Your Property?

The home value of your property depends on many things. Each home has unique and different qualities that make it special. It must be looked at the way an appraiser would evaluate it, in order to ensure loans will go through the underwriting process at banks. It must also be prepared properly for listing, inside and out, to get the most money that the market will allow. This coupled with the right listing broker and marketing, are critical to receiving the maximum home value for your property.

If you are thinking of selling your home in Snohomish or King County, a price evaluation and marketing plan is where to start. Listing the home value at market prices is critical to getting the most money for your home. Many factors go into a successful sale. If done correctly you will get the best market home value possible.

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It takes 5 rights to sell a home:

Home – Must look ready day one on market

Yard – Street appeal is a must. This is the first impression on buyers.

Price – Getting this right day 1 is crucial!

Marketing – The right marketing will expose your home in the best light to the most buyers, a specialist is needed.

Agent – An experienced agent that knows the best way to list, market, negotiate ALL aspects of an offer and communicates with you is a must! An agent needs to diligently follow through the ins and outs of the contract all the way through closing.

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